Company Background

Launched in 2009, WINTERCHECK FACTORY® is a design and manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, which produces American-made, design-focused, multi-functional products for living.

WINTERCHECK FACTORY® creates high-quality, useful products for consumers who value ingenuity and accessibility. Starting with furniture and expanding to include soft goods, every product is designed by WINTERCHECK FACTORY® and produced by one of the dozens of US-based manufacturers the company has built relationships with over the past five years. These relationships are the cornerstone of WF’s business model and allow for greater control and flexibility in the design process as well as a higher quality of materials and labor.

Kristen Wentrcek spent several years working in real estate development before striking out on her own to form WINTERCHECK FACTORY®. Her experience in high-end architecture and construction combined with her interest in manufacturing processes and simple, affordable design led to the creation of a company in which she could control the entire process, from idea to finished product.

WINTERCHECK FACTORY® is located at 630 Flushing Avenue in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.